We had to move on to this other house, don't ask why 'cause I was only a kid, you know, we just... And this was a farm, and it had a great big room about eight times as big as this. That was our living quarters, and up at the end we had a couple of bedrooms. Strange old horrible bastard he was, the man, and he started to make... I used to have paper, a load of brown paper, and I used to make- on a sewing machine- bags. Go around three sides, fold them in half, go down the side, 'cause they used to sell fruit and that and I used to have to make the bags for them. Didn't get nothing for doing it, oh yeah, horrible bastard he was. Course mum and dad used to come back to London every day, so I was left on my own up there. And then one day, there was this terrible bombing, and they used to drop landmines. They used to come down on parachutes so that as they touched the ground they would burst above ground, rather than into the ground, and cause more devastation, and they wiped out all these bloody chickens on this farm, on this chicken place that was about, I dunno, half a mile away from us, threw my bed across the room, and so it was better off to be in London, so we come back to London and that was it.