How many mouths have the words been in?
How many ears?
Well now,
to fade the ancient,
these are yours.
From counted miles, across
every strange-hearted distance,
For you.
Let me
tidy your sprawl into my paws
and grow fierce atomics in you.
No riots, no bells, just
limbwrapped restland.
I’m in the evening -
youandme, untaming
those wayward dusks you clutch and foil –
and after,
to hear your little pads around the floor.
I’m there for your untold hushings too, covering, hiding,
kissing your hide to
flick bright mornings into the cloud-faced year.
And so, I have made a muted us-place.
Here is a mouth rendered silent,
here is a look unseen,
but here are two hands
to carry the words,
from the head that loves you.
And now,
to fan the quiet nights across the sky,
here is my heart
for you
(be careful with it).